Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) protocols are common for both procedures on animals and other general procedures, like how to operate the local autoclave or lab safety with radioactive substances. It is a to-do list in correct order.

By using a Directly Observed Practical Skills (DOPS) protocol, we can objectively assess competence in performing a procedure defined by a SOP, in a clear and consistent way. This approach relies on using DOPS forms (several examples of which will soon be made available on this website) which are score sheets with a predefined set of criteria for evaluating  the level of competence in performing a SOP.

The following video by Lucy Whitfield (WG 4 leader of EU-funded ETPLAS Pilot Project) tells you all you need to know about DOPS.

The European Commission Education & Training Framework Guidance Document provides two simple examples of DOPS sheets to evaluate competence in practical skills, which you can find below.