Get to know the EU Modules for Education and Training in LAS

Law & Ethics

Module 1
Module 2


Module 3.1
Module 4
Module 5

Endpoints & Procedures

Module 6.1
Module 7

Practical Skills

Module 3.2
Module 6.2
Module 8

The EU Modules are defined building blocks for targeted learning throughout you career in laboratory science.

The EU Modules are tagged with learning outcomes to save you time and equalise competence across colleagues.

You can build both your basic competence and your continuing professional development (CPD).
You can also build a course.

Project Design

Module 9
Module 10
Module 11

Anaesthesia & Surgery

Module 20
Module 21
Module 22

Specific Roles

Module 23
Module 24
Module 25

What is my function at work?

The EU Modules build the EU Functions. These reflect the functions central for you work with laboratory animals. Core Modules represent the common basic theoretical training for all personnel performing any of the Functions A-D. Courses are typically offered as one or more EU Functions (core modules + function modules).

EU Function C – Animal housing and care EU Module 1-5

EU Function D – Animal euthanasia EU Module 1-6

EU Function A – Carrying out procedures EU Module 1-8

EU Function B – Designing animal procedures and projects EU Module 1-11