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EU modules for Education and Training in Laboratory Animal Science and Alternatives to Animal Use

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Mission Statement

ETPLAS is led by laboratory animal scientists and veterinarians, with the goal of providing the best resources and tools for education and training in LAS.

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Supported by


EU Parliament-funded Grants – “Promoting alternatives to animal testing through accessible and harmonised education and training”

  • Preparatory Action (2021-2023) – EU GRANT N.° 09.200200.A092004/2021/864077/SUB/ENV.B.2
  • Pilot Project (2019-2021) – EU GRANT N.º. 07.027741/2018/794340/SUB/ENV.B2

Other sponsors

From 2022 onward – Yearly support from the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science

From 2022 onward – Sponsored by Animalaria, Spanish company for laboratory animal science education and training.





Past supporters

  • Yearly  1.000 € grant by the Republic of Ireland for five years (2018-2022)
  • From Laboratory Animals Limited a bursary of 4,995 Euros to develop the first website and database. Opens external link in new window http://www.lal.org.uk/
  • From the Swedish Government (L2014/2321/DL), a grant of 100,000 SEK to support ETPLAS’ mission for education and training in LAS under Directive 2010/63/EU
  • From LAS interactive (vtk online) hosting and editorial support Opens external link in new window http://las-interactive.de