Supported by

Current funders

ETPLAS is mainly  supported by an EU Parliament-funded Pilot Project (“Promoting alternatives to animal testing through accessible and harmonised education & training”, Agreement n. 07.027741/2018/794340/SUB/ENV.B2)

It also receives an yearly grant from the Irish government.

Previous supporters

The following list acknowledges past ETPLAS supporters:

Laboratory Animals Limited

From Laboratory Animals Limited a bursary of 4,995 Euros to develop the first website and database. Opens external link in new window

Swedish Government

From the Swedish Government (L2014/2321/DL), a grant of 100,000 SEK to support ETPLAS’ mission for education and training in LAS under Directive 2010/63/EU

LAS interactive

From LAS interactive (vtk online) hosting and editorial support Opens external link in new window