Composition of ETPLAS

ETPLAS is an equal opportunity non-profit organisation. It is composed of a Stakeholders’ Board, an Executive Committee, and a Stakeholder Group

  • Stakeholders’ Board

    • Role and Composition: The Stakeholder Board ensures optimal governance and sustainability of ETPLAS; it contribute for specific expertise to ETPLAS aims. The group represents the 3 stakeholders of Education and Training in LAS, i.e. course providers, accrediting bodies and representatives of the competent authorities.

Currently [last updated: October 2020] the Board is constituted of 16 stakeholders, 9 representatives of course providers, 2 accrediting bodies and 4 representatives of members states in addition to the 5 members of the Executive Board.

  • Executive Committee

    • Role and Composition: The Executive Committee, appointed by the Stakeholders Board, manages the day-to-day business of the platform.

The board is constituted of 5 members, the President, the President elect / Past President, the Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer and the Communication Manager. Co-opted members, managing specific projects, report regularly to the Executive Committee.

  • Stakeholder Group

    • Role and Composition: The Stakeholder Group contributes to the exchange and to the build up of information on LAS education and training. It is, for the Stakeholders Board and Executive Committee, a source of experts for running the platform, contributing to projects and working groups. Anybody belonging to one of the 3 stakeholders can be part of the Stakeholder Group
    • Contact: Details of the persons who wish to be registered as Contacts will be entered into a Register of Contacts which will be maintained by the Communication Manager.  Any details provided to ETPLAS for the Register of Contacts (which will be maintained separately from any course information supplied for the purpose of publication under Courses and Programmes) will be held in confidence and will not be shared with any third party.

 If you are interested in joining please contact us.