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ETPLAS will share information on courses in laboratory animal science. In order to have a course listed, laboratory animal science course providers or ETPLAS contacts are asked to fill out the “ETPLAS Course Information Form” provided on this page (PDF). Please fill the form and contact us. New courses will be uploaded regularly.

The course list aims to assist individuals looking for courses within the EU to find available courses and programmes and to help Member States to develop mutual recognition of training. It is not meant to be exclusive so interested individuals may look for further information on LAS training, events or other information on our links page.

Listed course providers have to ensure that their information is updated annually using the same Course Information form. If updates are not received by 30 January each year the information will be removed from our web page. ETPLAS is not liable for any false information provided.

Please see notices regarding information supplied to ETPLAS for this site.

You will find summarised course details on the individual pages for the different countries which has been taken from forms completed and returned to ETPLAS by course providers. If you require further information or clarification of exact details please see the form (PDF) for further information and if necessary contact the course provider.  Each listing has an e-mail contact address.